Made from the high quality 100% cotton fabric, the medium grain surface of canvas is suitable
smooth portrait and lanscape painting. The pure whiteground brings vivid images on painting. 



ST canvas is made from fine quality long fiber yarn, woven with double warp 

yams and single wet yams Not been hsed by any akaine chemicals, it keeps the 

natural tone and the fiber flexibility of the yams. The canvas is primed 3 times 

by high quality gesso primer which is grinded by 3-roller mill at the fineness 

degree less than 60 pm which ensures the quality of the coating surface. With 

high quality coating. The canvas keeps excellent pliability and flexibility either 

in the cold winter of northern Europe, or in the hot equator area. The Coting layer 

does not powder or crack. The unique ground coating glue with patented technique 

resists the direct touch between fabrics and oil trom paints, exlending the ife of the artwork.



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