ST proud to present a new line of ST artists' watercolour is a professional's require. All colours are formulated using rich, premium pigments,gum arabic and glycerin. It makes brilliant colours for a long periods of time. ST artists' watercolours have standard approval by CE from Europe and ASTM from U.S.A.. Excellent quality and reasonable pricing make ST watercolours the best choice for any fine artists.






     Ideal for children who want easy colour lay down. Natural and gentle, healthy, beyond non-toxic. Coloury, strong covering inspiring your creation. Bright colours with good covering property. Unlimied Tones by mixing colours with fun. Good covering results obtained on paper. Free Brush included. 





     WATERCOLOUR. Ground to very fine consistency, From the best avaible pigments and gums. Highly soluable and drying to a delicate transparency. All colours are completely lightfast. An ideal range, equally useful for artists, serious amateursand educational establishments. All our products have reached the internationally accepted advanced standards of health and safety. They also conform to EN71(EU) and ASTM D-4236(USA) standards. 


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