Artist stretched Canvas

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Artist Stretched Canvas made from high quality fabric, the surface coated ST Gesso and certified by ISO 9001.

Available size are following:                                               Packing/Box
FRAME 1.7 cm.    Size: 15x40 cm.        6x16 inchs                40
                                           20x20 cm.        8x8 inchs                  40
                                           20x25 cm.        8x10 inchs                40
                                           20x60 cm.        8x24 inchs               20
                                           25x25 cm.       10x10 inchs               40
                                           25x30 cm.       10x12 inchs               40
                                           30x30 cm.       12x12 inchs               40

                                           35x35 cm.       14x14 inchs               40                                               30x40 cm.       12x16 inchs               40
                                           35x45 cm.       14x18 inchs               20
                                           40x40 cm.       16x16 inchs               20
                                           40x50 cm.       16x20 inchs              20
                                           40x60 cm.       16x24 inchs              20
                                           45x60 cm.       18x24 inchs              20
                                           50x50 cm.       20x20 inchs             20
                                           50x60 cm.       20x24 inchs             20
                                           50x70 cm.       20x28 inchs             20
                                           60x60 cm.       24x24 inchs             20
                                           60x80 cm.       24x32 inchs             20
                                           80x80 cm.       32x32 inchs             20

                                          80x100 cm.       32x40 inchs             12                                               80x120 cm.      32x48 inchs              10
                                          90x120 cm.      36x48 inchs              12                                             100x100 cm.      40x40 inchs              10
                                         100x120 cm.      40x48 inchs              10

FRAME 3.8 cm.  Size: 20x20 cm.        8x8 inchs                20
                                           20x25 cm.        8x10 inchs               20
                                           25x25 cm.       10x10 inchs               20
                                           30x30 cm.       12x12 inchs               20
                                           30x40 cm.       12x16 inchs               20
                                           40x40 cm.       16x16 inchs               10
                                           40x60 cm.       16x24 inchs              10
                                           60x80 cm.       24x32 inchs              10







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