Fluorescent Acrylic colours paint

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ST fluorescent colours contain pure pigment in 100% acrylic emulsion. These quality fluorescent colours make it easy to create brilliant masterpieces. ST fluorescent colours are waterproof, non-toxic, lightfast, brilliant colours, water based and can appled to various surfaces. All colours have standard approval by Œ from Europe and ASTM from the United States.

*also made to order.
PACKAGING        SIZE     QUANTITY     G.W.     PACKING     Measurement
                                         PCS        (KGS.)                     (CMXCMXCM)    
glass bottle        15ml.          24            17       1x24x12    31.8x23.7x26.4
glass bottle        30ml.          24          22.2       1x36x6        32.5x38x21
glass bottle        60ml.          72           9.8        1x24x3        32.5x38x21
glass bottle       120ml.         60           9.0        1x20x3        32.5x38x21
glass bottle       240ml.         24          11.4        1x4x6        28x21.5x14

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