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ST poster colours made of high quality raw material. These concentrated colours contain rich,(non-toxic) pure pigment that produce intense colour. ST colours have standard approval by Œ from Europe and ASTM from United States. 
Our process produces of high advance technology and the best ingredients. Allcolors in the range have an excellent degree of lightfastness, opaque and completely smooth. We offer 14 brilliant color that are available in 5 difference sizes. Let' s have a wonderful experience with ST poster colour.

*also made to order

 Packaging       SIZE          G.W.          Packing        Measurement
                                     (KGS.)                             (cmxcmxcm)    
glass bottle      15ml.          17            1x24x12          29x32x22
glass bottle      30ml.         22.2           1x36x6          32.5x38x21
glass bottle      75ml.         10.4           1x30x3          32.5x38x21
glass bottle     120ml.        11.4           1x30x3          32.5x38x21
glass bottle     250ml.         5.0           1x12x72         28x21.5x14
glass bottle     500ml.         7.8           1x12x72        30.5x23.5x18
glass bottle    1000ml.       13.6              1x4           32x24.5x28.5

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