Pearlescent Acrylic colour

รหัสสินค้า : 302-03

ST Pearlesscent Acrylic are naturally creamy and fluid.that makes them just right for decorative arts, sculpture, folk art and fine art. These are water-based, permanent, and non-toxic. We are avilable in 16 colors.
*also made to order 

Packaging           SIZE         CBM          G.W.      Packing      Measurement
                                       per CTN     (KGS.)                      (cmxcmxcm)    
glass bottle        15ml.        0.0204        17        1x24x12        29x32x22
glass bottle        30ml.        0.0259       22.2       1x36x6        32.5x38x21
LDPE tube          75ml.        0.0259       10.4       1x30x3        32.5x38x21
LDPE tube         120ml.       0.0259       11.4       1x30x3        32.5x38x21
Flip-top bottle    250ml.       0.0080       5.0        1x12x72       28x21.5x14
Flip-top bottle    500ml.       0.0130       7.8        1x12x72     30.5x23.5x18
plastic bottle     1000ml.      0.0140      13.6          1x4         32x24.5x28.5

0.00 THB

0.00 THB



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